Care Tips

The following are care tips we recommend you follow to get the best quality and use of your animal transport unit:

  • The exterior surface of our unit is high gloss white gel-coat. We recommend that you wash monthly and that you wax every six months or when necessary to keep the high gloss shine.
  • Lubricate all your handles and hinges.
  • Clean and wax louvers with an aluminum approved cleaner.
  • Our Interior is sealed with blue gel-coat and wax it is also webbed for easy cleaning – we recommend that you bleach and wash  weekly or as needed.
  • Check lights and fan to make sure they are working properly.
  • We also recommend that you periodically check mounting bolts for tightening.

Life Expectancy

The materials we use in constructing our animal control vehicles are virtually immune to deterioration factors and provide maximum product life expectancy. The shells of our units are one piece molded fiberglass construction with a premium grade white high gloss gel coat exterior that keeps the unit cool inside and out, and will retain its high gloss finish with proper maintenance. We have a 36 year old unit in Arizona that is still providing great service to our customer and has retained its integrity and nice high gloss finish.

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