Delivery & Installation

There are several delivery and installation options available and we will work with you to accommodate the truck and unit purchase that best suits your situation. City, County, State and other Government vehicle purchases generally qualify for discounted government pricing from the manufacturer. You can purchase the truck through a local dealer and we can provide the dealer pricing for the animal transport unit so they can submit pricing for the complete package. Or we can purchase the truck and provide pricing for the complete package. Different delivery scenarios and options are listed below.

  • FREE mounting and installation when you bring the truck to our facility in Lake City, Iowa.
  • The vehicle can be purchased from your local dealer and drop shipped directly to us for installation.
  • We can order the vehicle and install the unit at our facility and drive it out to you.
  • Our delivery personnel can deliver and install the unit at your facility or your local dealership.
  • We can ship the unit to your fleet or maintenance department for installation by your personnel.

Delivery charges to customer will be determined by per mile rate or flat rate shipping depending on method of delivery and location.

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