Available Options

Available Options

  •  Interior Safety Doors
  •  LED 3 x 5 Amber Warning Strobe
  •  Catch Pole Holder
  •  Back Saver Hoist with Large Cage
  •  LED Beacon Strobe
  •  Deceased Animal Carrier
  •  4 LED Mini Strobe Lights
  •  Traffic Advisor
  •  Lightbars
  •  Clear Scene Lights
  •  Rear Blind Spot Mirrors
  •  Rear Vision Camera
  •  GoLight Spotlight
  •  Pull-Out Ramp

Interior Safety Door

Heavy duty wire interior safety door with an arm and catch pole opening on the latch side. Door is constructed of 3/8" frame and 3/8” horizontal rods with 1/4" vertical rods welded at all intersections and powdercoated black. A heavy duty ½” spring loaded bolt latch is used to provide a positive latching system and the door is mounted with stainless steel hinges. The interior safety door is installed inside the outer door to keep the animal secured in the compartment when the outer door is opened protecting the operator and allowing full vision of the compartment.

Interior safety doors are available in stainless steel or powder-coated black steel.

LED 3 x 5 Amber Warning Strobe

High intensity 3" x 5" amber strobe with 15 flash patterns. Strobes are surface mounted on the rear or sides of the body and the slimline design is completely waterproof and self contained. Available in amber, red, and split amber/red.

Catch Pole Holder

Four inch tube with locking rear access door for catch pole storage.

Back Saver Hoist with Large Cage

Telescoping monorail Back Saver hoist system with high capacity precision ground ball type linear bearings mounted in the front pass through compartment with curbside access. The electric hoist is operated with a wireless handheld remote control. This system uses a large aluminum cage 23 ¼" Wide x 24" High x 42" Long that slides in and out of the compartment and is raised and lowered with the hoist. The Back Saver Hoist and cage can also be located in the rear of the unit telescoping out the back.

Deceased Animal Carrier

The Deceased Animal Carrier is designed to operate with the Back Saver Hoist system and is raised and lowered with the electric hoist. The carrier is 22" Wide x 3" High x 40" Long and is made of 1/8" aluminum.

4 LED Mini Strobe Lights

4 LED high intensity diodes in a small, low profile module. They can be surface mounted on the sides or rear of the body and grill mounted in the front. Available in multiple combinations 2x2, and solid colors with all 4 the same color. Multiple modules can be synchronized to alternate with one another, or flash simultaneously. Amber with alternating 2x2 flash is pictured. Available colors: Amber, Blue, Red, White and most combinations of these colors.

Traffic Advisor

LED Traffic Advisor with 8 high intensity lightheads roof mounted at the rear of the body. Directional traffic and warning patterns with multiple flash pattern options. Digital controller console is mounted in the cab.


Lightbars are available in Amber, Blue, Red, White and Green. Build your lightbar in any color combination with available alley lights and takedowns. Pictured is the Whelen Liberty SX Series Super LED Lightbar in Amber. There are several different models and configurations of lightbars available and we can work with you to select one that fits your application.

Rear Blind Spot Mirrors

Rear crossview mirror with 8.5" wide view allows the driver to see the rear blind spot area behind the vehicle. Made of stainless steel.

Rear Vision Camera

Rear view camera mounted on the back of the unit with a monitor in the cab. Black and white or color systems available. Safety Vision Black & White System with 5.5" black and white monitor, black and white camera, cable and brackets. Safety Vision Colored System with 5.6" color monitor, color camera, cable and brackets (pictured).

GoLight Spotlight

Roof mounted spotlight with wireless dash and handheld remote. 370 degree rotation with 135 degree tilt and 500,000 candle power.The animal care officer can direct the spotlight from inside the cab or outside the truck with the handheld remote. Provides excellent light for night searches and can be mounted anywhere on the roof of the unit. Permanent weatherproof mount and comes with rock guard protective cover.

Pull-Out Ramp

Ramp is constructed of lightweight tube frame and polypropylene tile inserts to provide good traction. The ramp measures 18 inches wide x 60 inches long and pulls out from under the passenger side front compartment. The ramp stores under the body when not in use and is secured in place with a catch.

LED Beacon Strobe

STAR Halo LED ultra high intensity strobe beacon installed on the roof of the unit. Durable polycarbonate amber lens (also available in blue, clear, red and green). Permanent flange mount with completely encapsulated circuit for weather and shock protection. Up to 24 selectable flash patterns with high/low intensity – manual or automatic. Available in High Dome (pictured) 6-11/16" tall x 6-13-32" diameter or Low Dome 4-3/4" tall x 6-13-32" diameter.

Clear Scene Lights

The Maxxima 6 LED 1,400 Lumen work lights provide a wide flood beam pattern, perfect for scene lighting around the vehicle.  Powder coated aluminum housing, shatter proof polycarbonate lens, and stainless steel mounting bracket & bolt.

The lights can be installed with one on each side of the body, at the roof rail, and a light on the rear of the unit.  Or, any combination of locations and number of lights requested.

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