BackSaver Demonstrational Video

A Revolutionary Convenience and Safety Feature for Animal Control Vehicles

Lifting large or aggressive animals into an animal control vehicle is a frequent but avoidable cause of strain injuries and animal attacks. To combat this workplace hazard, we started manufacturing the "Hernando County BackSaver Unit" several years ago. The original BackSaver animal control vehicle had six regular compartments and one oversized compartment with a hoist and cage that could lift 300lbs.

The video below showcases our latest development in hoisting equipment, the BackSaver Retrofit Hoist. This new hoist is compact enough to retrofit most of our existing vehicles, but it’s strong enough to lift 200lbs of unruly animal secured within its strong aluminum cage. We’ve also added a wireless remote control for increased speed and convenience. If you’re looking to upgrade an older vehicle, or you need a compact hoist in a new vehicle, this is the solution you have been searching for!

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