Model C-100-H


A fiberglass one-piece molded animal transportation unit with (6) six animal compartments and (1) storage compartment with the access door in the back of the unit. Standard features include a fresh air ventilation system vented to each compartment, a pass-through swing door in the front compartment, bright white LED lighting in each compartment, solid partitions creating 6 individual compartments, sloped floor drainage system, back up alarm, high-low brake lights and flashers, gel coated fiberglass doors with five molded louver vents in the exterior door panel and a vent on the interior door to control airflow.


Reinforced One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Construction with a bright white gel coat high gloss exterior finish. Steel tube frame lines interior around the entire bottom of the unit with cross members to provide a solid mounting structure. All the steel under structure is completely sealed in fiberglass.

Body Dimensions:

80” Wide x 45” High x 100” Long


Approximately 900 lbs.

Truck Chassis:

Must be a standard long bed truck chassis with a 56” cab-to-axle (CA) measurement. And it must have single rear wheels.

Animal Compartment Sizes:

Street Side: 

  • Front 35 1/2” Wide x 36” High x 30” Deep  (or through body 78”)
  • Center 28 1/8” Wide x 36” High x 30” Deep
  • Rear 32 1/2” Wide x 36” High x 30” Deep

Curb Side:

  • Front 35 1/2” Wide x 36” High x 47 1/4” Deep  (or through body 78”)
  • Center 28 1/8” Wide x 36” High x 30” Deep
  • Rear 32 1/2” Wide x 36” High x 30” Deep

Rear Center Storage: 

  • 16” Wide x 32” High x 61 5/8” Deep


Back Saver Hoist:

Telescoping monorail system with high capacity precision ground ball type linear bearings, electric hoist and wireless remote control. Hoist cable will have a hook attachment to accommodate use with a large animal cage. Rail system will be mounted across the roof of the front pass-through compartment with hoist exiting out the front passenger side compartment. Large Animal Cage to be made of aluminum with dimensions of 23” wide x 24” high x 42” deep. The hoist system will have a minimum capacity of 200 pounds. Optional carrier tray available.

Under Structure:

Framed with 1.5” x 2” 14 gauge high strength tubular steel on all sides with two 2” x 3” 11 gauge high strength tubular cross members. Four 5” x 4” x .375” solid steel angle mounts are installed for easy mounting on the vehicle frame using grade 8 bolts. All steel is completely sealed in fiberglass to minimize exposure to the elements and reduce rust and deterioration.


Constructed using a 1” foam composite molded and sealed into the unit with two layers of 1.5 oz fiberglass mat. Floors have a .75” recess creating a trough under the unit with individual drain capabilities. The floor is sloped in, so the drainage system directs flow into the trough under the unit keeping compartment floors dry and clean. The undercarriage is then sealed with resin which provides maximum insulation preventing heat from rising through the floor.


Walls and ceilings are gel coat sealed and webbed to provide a smooth, easy to clean finish in the compartments. (Note: Bodies can be made to your specifications and partitions can be made with wire)


Doors are constructed of fiberglass with a bright white gel coat finish on the interior and exterior panels. The outside dimensions of the door are 31 7/8” high x 27 5/16 wide. The exterior panel of the door has (5) five large louver style vents molded into the fiberglass. The louver openings provide ample air flow to exchange air inside the compartments when operating with forced air ventilation. Interior door panel has a stainless steel circular vent that can be opened and closed to control air flow. A stainless steel continuous hinge (1.5”) (20 Gauge) connects the door to the fiberglass body and doors are hinged toward the front. Aluminum drip shields are placed over all doors. A keyed alike stainless steel recessed folding ‘T’ latch locking handle is used.

Interior Safety Door:

Heavy duty wire interior safety door with an arm and catch pole opening on the latch side. Door is constructed of 3/8" frame and 3/8” horizontal rods with 1/4" vertical rods welded at all intersections. A heavy duty ½” spring loaded bolt latch is used to provide a positive latching system and the door is mounted with stainless steel hinges. The interior safety door is installed inside the outer door to keep the animal secured in the compartment when the outer door is opened protecting the operator and allowing full vision of the compartment. Available in steel with a powdercoated black finish or in Stainless Steel.


: Forced fresh air ventilation system provides 580 CFM airflow with a dual fan blower and is vented to each of the individual compartments. A 4” high x 18” wide fiberglass air duct is installed in the ceiling of the unit and runs down the center the full length of the unit. The blower is installed inside the rear of the unit in the housing at the end of the air duct and forces air through the duct. Fresh air is drawn in from outside and is vented to each of the individual compartments blowing stale air from the compartments and providing fresh air. The forced air is distributed equally to all compartments and does not circulate from one compartment to another. The blower is operated with a switch and indicator light in the cab.


Roof is backed by .375” dense composite board and 1.5 oz fiberglass mat that is completely glassed in providing maximum insulation and strength. Roof of the compartments are gel coat sealed and webbed. Roof has a 200 lb psf rating.

Roof Rack:

Stainless steel tube and stanchions.


All LED bright white lights in individual compartments minimizes power draw on vehicle. Rubber mounted LED running, stop, turn and back up lights. Side mounted clearance lights installed away from gas tank filling areas in accordance with FMVSS.

Back Up Alarm:

105 D.B. back up alarm mounted under the unit in the rear.


Steel step bumper with tread plate top, powdercoated black.

Ground Effects:

Molded fiberglass skirting is installed along the bottom of the unit with openings centered over rear tires and sized large enough for easy tire removal when necessary. Ground effects are constructed of fiberglass and have a bright white gel coat high gloss finish.


Mounts easily to the truck frame with bolts using 5” mounting plates welded to the cross members of the unit. Unit is easily transferred from one vehicle to another. Installation costs for mounting at our facility in Lake City, Iowa, are included in the pricing.


Bright white gel coat high gloss finish.

Fuel Cap:


Rust Proofing:

Unit is manufactured from fiberglass which will not rust or corrode and steel components are glassed in minimizing exposure to the elements.


All wiring is color coded, run in conduit and glassed in so the wiring is not exposed to the animals. Wiring is easily accessed in junction boxes for future modifications or add on optional equipment installations.

Available Options:

  • Interior Safety Doors (Available in Powdercoated Black Steel or Stainless Steel)
  • Air Conditioning and Heating (Tie-In System)
  • High Capacity Air Conditioning and Heating (Tie-In System)
  • Dedicated Air Conditioning and Heating with auxiliary compressor and roof top condenser
  • Digital temperature monitoring
  • Pull Out Ramp
  • Drop Down Steps
  • Hoist Back Saver with cage
  • Tube Style Catch pole holder
  • Light bar (Various styles for the truck cab, or the roof of the unit)
  • Strobe lights
  • Work lights
  • GoLight remote controlled spotlight
  • Customized lighting packages
  • Rear blind spot mirror
  • Pet Step folding ramp

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